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Palmero - The Lotus Collection - Lion Dancer "WuShi" Pendent

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Introducing the exquisite Lotus Collection Lion Dancer “WuShi” Pendant, an opulent embodiment of elegance and auspiciousness.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this magnificent piece features a majestic lion's head intricately designed in sterling silver and plated with 18K gold. Embracing the magic essence of Chinese lion's head dancers, this necklace is adorned with a captivating central red agate stone, while the mesmerizing eyes black spinel evoke a sense of mystique. The addition of a vibrant green agate stone draws the eye, with the piece superbly enhanced by an outline of glassy stones, culminating in a stunning piece that embodies the spirit of celebration and good fortune the Chinese Lion Dancers bring.


  • Pendant: lion’s head figure on 18k gold-plated sterling silver base, featuring an alluring mix of agate, spinel and cubic zirconia
  • Chain: sterling silver plated with 18k gold
  • Chain length: 16” with 2” adjustable length, adjustable up to 18”
  • Matching “Wushi” Bracelet and Earrings available for separate purchase

About Palmero

Palmero specializes in a highly curated selection of classic sophistication. As a house of the luxurious and sublime, every piece is carefully crafted; chosen with a keen eye and a deep appreciation of art and beauty. The collection specifically focuses on designs and products that capture a quality that will stay relevant through the annals of time.