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Palmero Rippled Silver Collection - Murmuro Vase

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As much a contemporary objet d’art as it is a vase, the Murmuro Vase from the Palmero Rippled Silver Collection is a truly mesmerizing piece.

Beautifully crafted in ceramic and plated silver, these two textures are set side by side in a rippled wave effect which not only lends the vase its unique shape but also provides an interesting contrast of earthy grey tones against polished silver.

One is reminded of a bubbling spring in which the water captures the light of day, providing it with an animated quality and sense of movement.

The perfect piece of homeware for both decorative and practical purposes, the Murmuro Vase will set a tone of elegance to whichever surroundings in which it is placed.

Dimension: 9.5 x 9.5 x 2 inches