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Palmero - Lauma Collection - Sienna Earrings

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The Lauma Collection’s Sienna earrings are an exquisite manifestation of nature's elegance, superbly reflecting the unsurpassed beauty of a seashell lying on the shore.

Designed with a meticulous artistry synonymous with the Palmero brand, they feature a rounded arch shape in an asymmetrical pattern, seamlessly blending warm wood and delicate pink hues of a seashell. The harmonious fusion of materials offer up a stunning interplay of textures and tones, inviting the light to dance upon their surface with each head turn.

A tribute to the natural beauty of the seashell, the Sienna earrings are an enchanting accessory sure to elevate any ensemble.


  • Pendant in reconstituted wood and resin
  • Hook in sterling silver with 14k gold plating
  • Pendant size: 0.8” x 1.1” x 0.1”
  • The Lauma Collection celebrates the unique variety of patterns and colors, making every purchase unique