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Palmero - Lauma Collection - Ramona Earrings

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Call to mind the serenity of seaside days with the Lauma Collection’s Ramona earrings.

Fashioned with a blend of materials, these earrings feature a striking large circular shape beginning with a warm wood highlight, and followed by a blend of turquoise, navy white sand and golden flecks in reverence to the waves washing upon the sandy shore.

Created to evoke the sense of tranquility that being beside the sea brings, the Ramona earrings are an attractive addition to an eclectic jewelry collection.


  • Pendant in reconstituted wood and resin
  • Hook in sterling silver with 14k gold plating
  • Pendant size: 1.4”(diameter) x 0.1”
  • The Lauma Collection celebrates the unique variety of patterns and colors, making every purchase unique