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Palmero Iridescence Vase

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Capturing the iridescent effect of oil on the surface of a stretch of water, the Palmero Iridescence Vase is an exquisitely crafted piece of homeware, part of a carefully curated collection of the finest hand-blown glass vases. Its unique shape is typical of the highly skilled hand-blown process, during which the vase is layered with an array kaleidoscopic colour. One is left with the lasting impression of artistic poetry captured in a moment in time. Despite the modern aesthetic presented by this distinctive piece, the Palmero Iridescence Vase is designed with an elegant touch that will greatly appeal to anyone with a sophisticated taste in homeware. Whether the vase is displayed for decorative or more functional purposes, you can be guaranteed it will set the bar in terms of refined interior design.

Dimensions: 8.27” x 8.27” x 17.13”