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Palmero Gainsboro Alabastron

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A seamless blend of contemporary design with an ancient heritage surrounding its use, the Palmero Gainsboro Alabastron is as artistic as it is practical.

Traditionally used in centuries past as a vessel in which to hold unguent liquids, such as perfume or massage oil, the alabastron was typically crafted in pottery or glass and was commonly used by the Greeks.

This modern interpretation of an antique is intricately crafted in dual-toned grey ceramic and finished with a hand-washed gloss.

The unique curved form of the cylindrical shape brings to mind a rolled-up parchment in which the two edges are loosely joined and the contrasting silver and moody grey hues make it all the more distinctive.

Ideally suited to design-led décor-schemes, the Palmero Gainsboro Alabastron will bring a touch of timeless modernity to your home.

Dimensions: 4.7 x 4.7 x 11 inches